Facility Valuation

Accurate asset valuation consulting impacts your business planning, the results of government regulation, and the outcomes of litigation.

EPS's acumen in valuation services quickly assembles and processes the technical, environmental, regulatory, and financial complexities with an expert knowledge of industry practices, infrastructure, and operations.

Expertise from the Field

Our engineers consult for industry-leading companies in energy—including alternative, wind, oil, and natural gas, biotechnology, chemicals, and environmental technologies. This in-depth, working knowledge includes best practices, operational efficiency, and the proper value of assets in commercial settings.

Our valuation consulting is also supported through advanced data management and mining techniques, revealing insights into your business. Receive a definitive valuation consulting substantiated by current industry data and experience.

Market-informed appraisals

The complexity of valuation, especially in sectors with many competing market and regulatory forces like energy and technology, is nearly overwhelming.

EPS cuts through that complexity, using our skills and valuation consulting experience to understand the practical value of assets, facilities, and commercial processes. See how your assets accurately fit into the wider market and regulatory context.

Experienced 3rd party

EPS has acted as a 3rd party advisor to many clients, providing accurate assessments and practical business advice. Our valuation consulting helps clients quickly and equitably settle disputes, receive fair tax assessments, and resolve complex litigation.

Contact EPS today to learn more about how proper asset valuation consulting can help your business.

“EPS’s comprehensive energy analysis for coal-fired versus gas-fired steam production, which approached the complexities of our plant’s utility and process systems, is one significant example. The project incorporated operating, maintenance, energy alternatives, risks, and future costs and presented a comprehensive financial assessment to our management in clear and concise language.”
John McKinley
Plant Manager
US Petrochemical Producer

Equipment valuation