You’ve created something new or innovative, and it’s working on the small scale. To take the next step, commercialize your technology, you need a partner with boot-strapping experience and industry know-how.

EPS brings both.

Technology Commercialization

Contact EPS to move your business to the next stage. Our technology development includes:

  • A preliminary engineering analysis that can help you evaluate the risks, costs, and approaches in scaling up—backed by decades of consulting work—including current, ongoing projects. You’ll know what works and what won’t for your business from a partner who’s been there before.
  • Hands-on implementation – for all levels of design and production of facilities – to get your product up to scale and to market in a short timeframe with maximum returns. EPS implements our recommendations quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Data mining and management to optimize your business from the start. You’ve collected plenty of data on your technology. EPS advanced data analysis capabilities turn that information into innovative scale-up options and business opportunities.

“In the world of startups, everything needs to be fast-tracked, because generally, it’s the first product for your company. If it doesn’t work your company is dead, so you look for reliability, speed and cost. And EPS has delivered all three more than once.”
Pat Simms
Global VP
Renewable Chemicals and Biofuels Developer

EPS technology development also includes a Commercialization.