2.9 million investment brings $8 million asset value increase

imgEPS engineers conceived and developed an alternate structural design for an industrial facility located on a fault line in a seismically active area and liquefaction zone in San Diego Harbor.  Our straightforward construction path complied with rigorous building codes, effectively navigating the California regulatory environment and involving several agencies.

The permitting and construction was reduced to 40 percent of the standard construction timeline and the commissioned project completed at 28 percent of the new construction cost.

Environmental compliance was fully achieved – without adversely impacting the construction schedule – including asbestos, lead, and hexavalent chrome remediation, material recycling, and hazardous waste disposal.

“Attention to detail, thorough understanding of engineering and its nuances.”
Kurt Brickley
Port of San Diego

Fast-track bioenergy technology scale up achieves 16,000% efficiency

imgIn nine months, EPS successfully designed and constructed a first-of-a-kind, demonstration-scale bioenergy technology for less than $850,000. The project involved scaling up the ammonia fiber expansion (AFEX) process conceived and researched by Dr. Bruce Dale of Michigan State University, which needed proof of the technology to determine its commercialization potential.

EPS engineered the first-of-a-kind (FOAK) design and uniquely fabricated equipment and controls delivering scale-up of 16,000 percent (160x) of the lab  results.  Effectively working with state and local regulatory industrial hygiene and safety professionals, EPS delivered the system on schedule and under budget.

EPS previously successfully designed and constructed the continuous ammonia fiber expansion (CAFEX) process, which led to conceptualization of the AFEX3 technology.

The AFEX3 demonstration and Dr. Dale were featured in Ethanol Producers Magazine (July 13, 2013).

“Great visualizers–able to take drawings to reality.”
David Senyk
Vice President, Engineering and Bioprocess Operations
Biotechnology Development Firm

Facility assessment and renovation turns around underperforming biotech manufacturer, increases profits by $9.8 million per year.

imgWhen an established biotechnology food-grade manufacturing facility faced operating and financial challenges, Dr. John Williams of EPS was called in “to right the ship” immediately. The  turnaround analysis – encompassing the technology, manufacturing process, equipment, and organization – led to renovating the existing manufacturing facility and reorganizing the workforce. As a result, net earnings rose to $9.8 million per year, while product quality improved and operating costs decreased.  Williams' efforts returned the facility to a high level of profitability within four months.

“[John Williams] is an expert in the field. He not only renovated the business, but he changed the flow of the product for the company in terms of minimizing distances from raw materials to production to warehousing to shipping. Nobody within the company was thinking that way. ”
Ron Halik
International Bioprocessing and Chemicals Corporation

Energy complex costs reduced by more than $1.2 million annually

EPS conducted a technical and economic analysis of an energy complex, and developed a strategy for asset management, fuel sourcing, and operating cost savings. Within three weeks, EPS had completed:

  • the physical inspection of steam and electrical generating and cogeneration equipment.
  • data mining of energy market data, comparing different scenarios including producing energy, buying it, and other alternatives.
  • assessment of maintenance, capital investment alternatives, and comprehensive operating costs.
  • a strategy to address environmental regulation and compliance.

The new energy and planning strategies EPS developed reduced operating costs by more than $1.2 million per year for the site – while reducing energy use by 68 percent.