“The material can be dry especially … technical material but I think John did a really good job at presenting the material in a way that made it interesting. There was a lot of theory but where it was successful were the practical examples that he incorporated.”
John Havens
Texas Utilities

Dr. John Williams provides expert analysis and testimony for litigation including forensics, breach of contract lawsuits, taxation or valuation disputes (including ad valorem taxes on industrial property and real estate), and intellectual property  disputes. He evaluates with first-hand, practical knowledge of engineering and technology operating practices.

Dr. Williams' engineering experience supports litigation in:

  • Forensic Investigation (e.g. Chemical and Oil Fires, Explosions, etc.).
  • Energy Technology & Conversion
  • Causal analysis. 
  • Damage/repair disputes.
  • Technology contract disputes.
  • Valuation of structures & equipment.
  • Chemical Engineering Industry practices & standards.

Data Analysis

This supporting evidence is bolstered through EPS' data mining and management capabilities, allowing the firm to provide quick, thorough analysis at Dr. Williams' direction.

Boiler Tube Rupture

Fouled Scrubber Packing

Attorneys receive detailed and defensible supporting evidence from Dr. Williams, including:

  • Expert testimony.
  • Substantive expert report.
  • Root cause analysis.
  • Astute assessment of operational issues.
  • Photographic documentation.
  • Physical exhibits for legal proceedings.
  • Independent laboratory testing and results analysis.
  • Charts, diagrams, & animations to clarify specific points or processes.
  • Industry-specific standards & practices research.
  • Environmental & regulatory compliance assessment.

Dr. Williams removes rust to inspect a coal silo.

Dr. Williams removes rust to inspect a coal silo.

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