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EPS serves the technology and energy industries:

  • Energy:  refining, gasification, combustion, liquification, and co-generation.
  • Biotechnology:  biochemicals, enzymes, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Alternative Energy Technologies:  ethanol, biofuels, cellulosics, oil shale, and wind.
  • Fuels Engineering:  crude oil, natural gas, coal, biomass, and waste-to-energy technologies.
  • Chemicals and Materials:  specialty, resins, metals, and biomaterials.
  • Environmental Technologies: environmental compliance and air, water, particulate, purification, and waste treatment.
  • Future Technologies:  energy, bioapplications, materials, and devices.

Technology and Energy

Wind energy

EPS provides engineering for new and established processes for industries from multibillion dollar oil refining and petrochemical complexes to power generation plants to emerging biotech facilities.

Technology development by EPS includes alternate energies; biofuels and biochemicals; advanced materials; metallurgy; vehicle mechanics; and human reaction and biomedical systems.

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