Engineering Services

Engineering Analysis: Design. Optimize. Construct. EPS engineering services are for new and existing technology, processes, facilities, and equipment for the energy, biotechnology, and chemical, materials and fuels industries. Get business-focused engineering solutions, fast-tracking projects for minimum delay and maximum return.

“Project management, estimating skills, engineering, and design are all real core strengths of EPS.”
Steve Saunders
Plant Manager
US Petrochemical Producer

Full Service Engineering Skills

You have a project – a complex engineering challenge that requires innovation and ingenuity to achieve on time and on budget. You're told, “It can't be done.”

EPS shows you how it can. For less than you expected. In less time than you imagined possible. By thinking creatively and financially, not by cutting corners.

From the smallest challenges to the most complex, we actively pursue the optimum solution. And offer you those solutions based solely on their proven potential for success.

Some engineering firms bring in outside “experts” who spend months creating reports and action steps – only to leave you to your own devices. But EPS is with you from start to finish. Mitigating risks. Providing actionable data. Custom-designing solutions and implementing them.