project leadership

Due diligence for the energy and technology industries requires a partner who can ask the right questions, evaluate an asset's value and risks, and readily process technical, business, and financial complexities.

EPS knows what works in a business, what its limitations are, and what it takes to make that business a success. We use our expertise and experience to perform rapid and thorough due diligence.

Expertise from the Field

Providing engineering services, our engineers work with state-of-the-art processes, technologies, and strategies every day. This informs our assessment of their values, risks, and limitations.

From the seemingly simple to extremely complex, EPS delivers informative assessments for processes technologies, environmental compliance, and business strategies. We explore each part of a business, so you receive a clear understanding of their sum.

Economic Feasibility

Our insights also come from decades of success on projects of all sizes. We've honed our skills over the years to find opportunities and challenges in business, review strategy, and evaluate finances.

We know how to identify a healthy business and to help you repair a struggling one.

Data Management and Mining

EPS compiles and examines the available data in the course of our due diligence, evaluating compliance and efficiency. Through data mining and management, we provide a more complete picture of the business under review.

“The work that John came in to do was partly aimed at evaluating the value we were receiving from those engineering firms and helped demonstrate to us that some of the contracts we had were not providing that much value.”
John Havens
Texas Utilities

Equipment Structural Integrity Investigation

“They can help with project research and analysis, providing clients with options and how they stack up against one another — “equipment-wise and energy use-wise – and help conclude which option is best.”
Pat Simms
Global VP
Renewable Chemicals and Biofuels Developer