Materials Technology Development

EPS' expertise in technology assessment and engineering acumen accelerates proof of concept, commercialization, and funding.

An astute commericial operations plan will maximize results with minimal resources—precisely the kinds of opportunities other engineering firms cannot deliver. EPS finds opportunities in even established technologies and industries.

EPS’ assessment identifies the potential and quantifies the benefits of the technologies, operations, and facilities. EPS quantification includes achievable strategies, risks, and resource requirements.

Technology and Investment

Even the best ideas need funding to flourish. By partnering with technology companies at the research stage, we turn our experience into your advantage.

We also perform due diligence for investors or companies before they invest in a product or begin joint ventures. Acting as an independent third party, we facilitate business alliances and decision-making for investors.

EPS in Action

AFEX system

Fast-track bioenergy technology scale-up achieves 160x demonstration

In nine months, EPS successfully designed and constructed a first-of-a-kind, demonstration-scale cellulosic technology for less than $850,000. The project involved scaling up the ammonia fiber expansion (AFEX), which needed proof of the technology and its commercialization potential. Using EPS first-of-a-kind designed and fabricated equipment and controls, the scale-up demonstrated 160x of the lab quantity. Lab to commercial demonstration in record time.